Association of Tourism Trade Organisations, India
Our Mission
ATTOI works on a mission to promote tourism in India. Its prime objective is to create awareness overseas about the potentials of tourism in India.

Membership is given to all individuals above 21 years of age, who subscribe themselves to the aims, objectives and rules of the society.

Tourism Education
This programme aims to create awareness of Tourism growth from School level and help students interested in this field to take up tourism as their career.

Tourism Policy
Our tourism policy focuses on a symbiotic relationship between tourism activities, environmental conservation and local community development.

Tourism Research Papers
Tourism Research
Tourism Industry in India is one of the most lucrative industries in the country and contributes substantially to foreign exchange earned.

Tourism News
Tourism Policy
Latest News on Travel and Tourism Industry.

Aims & Objectives
The aims and objectives of the society are:
  • To promote healthy relationship among individuals who are actively engaged in tourism related business through useful interaction, organising regular meetings and cultural and social activities.
  • To set up educational institutions and other institutions which create an environment for offering various courses in tourism and get affiliation/approval from University/Universities or other institutions for conducting such courses.
  • To institute awards, prizes and gifts for encouraging tourism.
  • To promote and improve the standard and quality of tourist movement in India.
  • To reward and recognise, persons and organisations working in the field of tourism.
  • To provide medical insurance and other welfare schemes to tourism related persons.
  • To collaborate with tourism related industries like hotels for mutual benefit.
  • To establish a printing and publishing house or otherwise bring out periodicals, magazines and books.
  • To engage in charitable and social service activities of every kind to help the poor, needy, aged, ill, backward and weaker sections of the general public without discrimination of religion, caste, creed or sex.
  • To purchase, construct, take on lease or otherwise acquire land, building and other movable and immovable properties and to sell, lease, mortgage or hypothecate or otherwise dispose of all or any of the property and assets of the society on such terms and conditions as the society may deem fit for attaining the objects.
  • To accept donations in cash or in kind, grants and collect subscriptions, fees and other charges for the services rendered by the society and take and raise funds by way of loans or otherwise and the receipts shall be solely utilised and applied towards the promotion of aim and objectives of the society.
  • To do all other lawful acts, as are necessary for and/or incidental to the attainment of the aims and objectives of the society.